Mission, Vision, and Goals



The mission of the Foundation Program Unit is to help students gain access to one of the baccalaureate and to equip students with the knowledge, the skills, and the resources necessary to successfully earn a degree.


The Foundation Program will prepare students with the necessary mathematic, communication, and study skills to pursue one of the college programs at Gulf University for Science and Technology as well as to develop students who emerge as life-long learners.


Goal 1: The Foundation Program will ensure that all programs are administered with excellence and integrity. It will:

  • ensure quality in program administration, program curricula, teaching, and student services;
  • maintain compliance with the highest professional standards;
  • develop and support collaborative teaching curricula;
  • support faculty/staff development;
  • develop new programs/courses responsive to students’ needs;
  • provide and distribute student brochures with full disclosure of program descriptions, costs, and calendars; and
  • Provide and distribute faculty, staff, and student handbooks with full disclosure of all policies.

Goal 2: The FPU will promote and maintain a positive environment.

  1. Ensure faculty and staff responsiveness to the needs of students, Program, university, and community.
  2. Create and maintain policies and procedures conducive to a positive learning environment.